10 tips que deberías saber si vas al Reino Unido

Cada cultura tiene lo suyo. Cosas que nos resultan extrañas, curiosas y a veces incomprensibles. Los ingleses no iban a ser menos. Aquí van unas cuantas “especialidades” de nuestros vecinos.

Por María José Abril

1.- Don’t lose the North in the tube

When travelling by underground make sure that the train you are on is heading in the direction you intend to travel. NORTHBOUND-SOUTHBOUND-EASTBOUND-WESTBOUND. You’ll see these words on or at the platform you are catching the tube from. They relate to the direction the train will be travelling in relation to the station you are at. Essentially, if the train is heading north from that station, the signs will indicate the platform is for northbound travel.

2.- The Carpet Tradition: Carpets, carpets everywhere

British people have a particular attachment to fitted carpets. The proportion of houses with fitted carpets everywhere else in the world is much lower, even in countries with similar climates. UK consumers buy more carpet than any other consumers in Europe. You can find carpets even in pubs!

 3. – Cricket

INNINGS, WICKET, STUMPS, BOWLING CREASE, POPPING CREASE…. Do you think it’s a strange language?

Common terms and slang which are used everyday in the sport of cricket, can sometimes seem as a foreign language. Cricket speaks a language of its own. With common terms and slang that is used everyday in the sport of cricket, can sometimes sound quite align.

4. – Curry

Forget fish and chips, toad in the hole, bubble and squeak, etc. Curry is the national dish of Britain! Chicken Tika Massala is the most favouredof all the British curry varieties

5.- Look left, look right

Don’t forget the Brits drive on the other side of the road. Watch out for the roundabouts!

6. – The weather

Remember to put in your suitcase scarf, gloves, raincoat and  umbrella, umbrella, umbrella and umbrella!

7. Money

No Euros, you need lots of pictures of the Queen of England. The UK unit of currency is the pound sterling (£). In London it’s often called one pound (£1) a “quid” and sometimes a “nicker”

8. -Tea

Tea is drunk at every hour of the day –not just at 5 o’clock. If someone asks you if you ‘would like a cuppa’, they are asking if you would like a cup of tea.

9. – GMT

Remember that Spain is one hour ahead of England. CHANGE YOUR WATCH! Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was established in 1884 at the International Meridian Conference, when it was decided to the place the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, England.

10. -Greeting cards for everything

Birthday, anniversary, get well, marriage, birth, christening, divorce, mother’s day, father’s day, grandparents’ day, you’ve passed your exams or your driving test, new home, retirement, goodbye, thank you, eastern, new home, new baby, sorry …….. and so on and on and on.

(P.S. Can anyone tell me why……

OPEL is called Vauxhall in England???)

*Algo sobre María José Abril

Nació en Madrid, es Licenciada en Filología Inglesa. Hizo la Erasmus en NEWCASTLE UPON-TYNE a donde vuelve siempre que puede para recordar viejos tiempos a pesar del clima que hace por allí arriba. Empezó en English Connection Espinillo como profesora, después estuvo en el centro de Valdemoro y en el de Alcorcón y posteriormente dio el paso y se convirtió en directora de la academia de Albufera.

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