Cómo mejorar tu inglés

Aprovechando la llegada de los exámenes, tanto si has estudiado y quieres mejorar, como si te has decidido a hacer propósito de enmienda para el año que viene, aquí te dejamos unos cuantos consejos elaborados por Laura Linares, de nuestro centro de Carabanchel, sobre cómo mejorar tus destrezas en tu tiempo libre.


You can use music to learn a language. Music is much better when you can understand the words.  You can listen to the music and look the lyrics up on the net.

Now that in Spain we have the DTTV, we can change the language in the TV settings and use the subtitles. But be careful, because most of the subtitles are made for deaf people, and maybe the words don’t belong to what has been said, but anyway it will help you to catch the meaning of what has been said. Furthermore, with this technique, we also improve our reading skills. You can watch international news channels, such as CNN International or NBC to have real contact with the real news. Or you can listen to online radio stations. We know that this is difficult for lower levels, but little by little you will notice your progress understanding.


Apart from books, there are a lot of written resources to get a straight access to information. If you like the smell of paper, you can buy Time or the International Herald Tribune in every newsagent’s. If you prefer to do it online, you can access to them in their online version (Time) (International Herald Tribune).

Do you use the social networks??Are you a Facebook user?? A twitter addict? SecondLife insane??. If you are interested in being updated with the latest news about economy, culture, society… these networks can help us to improve our reading skills.

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