Cómo motivarte cuando te dices “¡El inglés no es lo mío!”

Desde Valdebernardo nos llega un post con unos cuantos consejos de motivación, algo muy necesario a la hora de comenzar, mejorar o continuar aprendiendo inglés cuando éste se nos “atraganta”.

Escalera de motivacion

Being motivated is not only a matter of the teacher but also the students. There is a wide range of reasons why students start learning a second language: from basic levels, that is to say, safety of employment, resource, or even self-confidence, to higher levels like intellectual challenge, lack of prejudice or problem solving. So, try to identify your needs and focus on them.

In this way, students, here you have some tips for self-motivation.

1.- Nowadays, in the digital era, being able to communicate in English not only will improve your job expectations but also it is a tool to socialize, it is the language of internet.

2.- Consider itself as a challenge to your mind, we all like solving brainteasers and this could be one the biggest you can face. You can do it!!!

3.- Have into account that you can also contribute to the class, your ideas and attitude can improve the whole dynamism of the class.

4.- Motivation appears when something really like you, so put English into practice with your hobbies and interests in your daily life.

5.- Challenge the teacher, it is always funny to put your teacher in an awkward situation.

6.- Design a syllabus.  A syllabus of the things you have learnt because acquiring a language is not a tangible fact, so if you write it down you will be able to realize all the progress you have done.




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