Consejos para mejorar la comprensión de un texto


Are you one of those people who sees reading as a tedious task rather than one of those simple pleasures of life? If this rings true to you, you may want to rethink your view of reading as it is one of the best ways to build your vocabulary  and consequently improve your English as a whole. English Connection tells you how to do it!

  • Choose reading material that interests you and that is appropriate to your level. You are much more likely to get more out of your reading sessions if you pick something you’re keen on.
  • Skim the text for its gist: simply read through it quickly to find its main idea. What is it talking about? Who is involved?
  • Read it again and this time, take your time and underline any words, phrases or expressions you aren’t familiar with. First try to figure out what they mean by using context clues, then later on check whether you’re right or wrong by looking them up in the dictionary.
  • It would be ideal to keep a vocabulary notebook where you could write down all the fresh, new words you’ve come across in your reading endeavors.
  •  You could also write your own version of what you’ve read by rephrasing. For instance, if you’ve read an article, rewrite it in paragraphs. If you’ve read a novel, summarize it in

leer molachapters. With this you’ll also be helping your writing skills out.        

Perhaps turning yourself into a bookworm with impressive comprehension skills isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It’s by  no means an impossible feat, either. With a bit of interest, a little patience and a dash of hard-work, you’ll be flipping through those pages like the wind.

by Kara Formoso

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